PHP development really has become the buzzword in the web development circles around the globe. The demand for PHP developer is at an all time high as the demand for superior web development reaches higher summits. It wouldn’t come as a surprise that in no time, php development services will become the most important and commanding scripting language. With a new tool for web development coming up almost every day, it becomes imperative for the php developer to hone his skills regularly so as to keep pace with the development paradigms and be the first to respond to any change.

Here we shall discuss the five most effective tools to speed up PHP development for better results:-

1. A superior IDE – You might end up becoming a redundant php developer if you are still using the same old editing tools aka Notepad or WordPad. It’s about time that you upgraded your knowledge as well as your editing program in the form of EditPlus2 or PHPEdit. These programs are available for free and provide with many time-saving advantages, which over-burdened you during the Notepad days:-

  • Color highlighting, hence easier spotting and correction operations.
  • Search, locate and replace operations.

One other way can be the use of an extensive IDE (Integrated Development Environment). But there are still some concerns about the high license fees attached to it.

2. Using the correct framework – All of us would agree that most of the PHP development projects are almost alike in nature, simply put they are built on a similar kind of a framework. One great idea to save considerable time in the development of these projects is to avoid starting all projects from scratch and build a basic general framework and work on it to develop different projects. The basic framework can be worked upon to get customized project architecture.

3. The art of Re-cycling – Always remember the mistakes and learning from the previous projects you have undertaken as a PHP developer. These learnings will help you avoid any similar mistakes in the future. What is even better is that the old or current scripts would provide you with valuable data to emulate to make better projects. But the best part is that they come at no cost at all in the new project.

4. Keep it simple – As a PHP developer, you goals and objectives remain the same. Whatever you make and however you make it should remain clear and simple. Development is all about the cohesiveness that the developers and the programmers have in the project. The more complicated the codes in PHP MySQL development projects are, the harder it is for the programmer to find the glitches and remove them. Work on the code over and over again if necessary, but ensure that it is kept simple.

5. Proper Documentation – Effective documentation of the code that includes comprehensible comments and other such tools plays a large part in saving the time involved. Troubleshooting is made much easier this way. Its importance is realized even more when dealing with the more complicated parts of the code.