Internet consultants must be well versed in web-development, website categorization, web design and branding, marketing, and advertising.

Careers that integrate Internet technology, such as that of an internet marketing consultant, are attracting many individuals and businesses. This profession demands education, skill and experience, and can either be practiced individually or as a contractor in an online consulting firm. Whether you want to pursue an internet-related career or you own a business and wish to seek the help of a professional adept in Internet marketing, you might want to consider the Internet marketing consultant profession. Here are some tasks involved in this job:

Web development

Internet consultants should have a sufficient background in web development and programming. Because the work of internet consultants largely involves websites, the Internet and the technical principles behind them, programming skills and experience with different software for web development are good tools that will help consultants serve their clients better. They can also use their web development and programming skills for examining competitor websites.

Website categorization

There is a wide range of websites online and all of them fall under corresponding categories, such as informational or knowledge and e-commerce. Internet consultants coordinate with their clients in order to identify the categorization of the customer’s website. Having sufficient background in web-development and different internet tools will allow consultants to categorize websites effectively. Consultants also research and examine websites with themes similar to their client’s website and compare these with each other.

Web design and branding

The client’s website is the main marketing medium for showcasing the client’s products, services and brand, so the consultant must make sure that everything about the website is able to effectively reach out to customers and that the website will establish the client’s brand online. Internet marketing consultants help clients find an appropriate design for their website and align this with the site’s content and brand. To do this task effectively, internet consultants must possess web design skills and have a background in web design software. Web design encompasses elements from the site’s color schemes to the use of back-end online commerce systems to the implementation of a Standard Query Language, more commonly known as SQL, database.


Internet consultants are responsible for developing effective Internet marketing strategies for their clients. They also help clients position their websites strategically using a number of web-based tools such as keyword optimization and visitor traffic software. They must be creative and have marketing know-how in order to perform different marketing-related tasks from market research and competitor and industry analysis to site visitor profiling and how to implement each into a marketing strategies.


Internet marketing consultants help improve the client’s visibility on the internet by using a variety of mediums like Search Engine Optimization, blogs, banner advertisements and link exchanges. There are many advertising mediums available online, and consultants must be able to know how to use these to the client’s advantage.

The Internet is opening many opportunities for businesses to grow and for professionals to earn money. The essential thing is that interested individuals find a career that is related to their field of expertise and interest.